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Meet Winter! This little rearing Shetland pony mare is feeling that chilly weather - bring on the snow! I desperately wanted a small pony medallion with that major cuteness factor and fuzzy winter coat. The perfect pony for Christmas morning and just the right size for a stocking stuffer. <3

Winter is available in both white and colored resin - select which one you'd like using the drop down menu below. She is limited to a two mold run. I am going to do things a little different this time! She will be made to order, so if you'd like a certain color, I'll do my best to make it happen! Just enter what color you'd like in the notes section when you check out. If you do not get the option to leave me a note, email me at to let me know your color preference. My resin colorant is mixed with white resin, so nothing too dark in hue will be achievable. But you can still get creative!

Due to Winter being made to order, please allow for time for production. :)

Painted copies will be available later on, so watch for those by subscribing to my email list that's located on my homepage!


Winter will stand very carefully on her own, but for display purposes some sticky wax under her feet or added epoxy to the back of the medallion would make her sturdier. I wanted to leave that up to her new owner because some prefer to display their medallions flat. Lots of options here!

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White or Colored Resin

$45 PPD in the US

$55 PPD International

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