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Bitty Barnaby


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Remember Barnaby? This sweet draft stallion is now available in micro mini scale - meet Bitty Barnaby!

Each copy is 3D printed by the wonderful Rayvin Maddock and require very, very little prep work before painting. Supports from the printing process have been removed but may require a touch of sanding to be completely smooth. I think it took me a total of five minutes to prep each copy! Amazing!

Bitty Barnaby will be sold in batches and the entire edition will likely be less than 100 copies. The first batch of 20 are sold out - a second batch will be available Friday, November 20th at 12 PM EST! If you are coming here from Facebook or Instagram, the buttons work best in a web browser instead of the social media apps. If you wish to order more than one, there is an option to add more in the drop down menu without postage tagged on.

Though all three have sold, you can view what he looks like painted below in a lovely dapple bay, varnish roan appaloosa, and blonde sorrel tovero. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at Thank you! <3

(Stablemate size Barnaby not for sale or included)


$50 PPD in the US

$65 PPD International


Artist Copy #1

Dapple Bay

$400 PPD in the US

$420 PPD International



Artist Copy #2


$450 PPD in the US

$470 PPD International



Artist Copy #3

Blonde Sorrel Tovero

$450 PPD in the US

$470 PPD International


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